SUTHERLAND Sutherland Sheen Sutherland Tex  Sutherland Roof Acrylic  Sutherland Gloss Enamel Sutherland QD Enamel O’Grady’ s Premium paint Roof & All  Gloss Enamel The following products are available in any tinted colour: Plasticote -  Excellent weather resistance, and high degree of flexibility ,  with beautiful sheen finish.  Interior and exterior use. . Super 600 - High quality final coating for interior and exterior surfaces with matt finish. Flexitex - T extured high quality final coating with good colour retention. V elvagleem - W aterbased ‘non-drip’  during brush application, and ideal for furniture, doors, skirting boards, kitchen and bathroom walls.  Tough and durable protective satin finish. protective finish with satin finish. Eggshell enamel -  Dries to a tough durable finish with good weather resistance.  Suitable for interior and exterior  surfaces, steel, timber and masonry. .