Video : O'Grady Roll On Skim

A premium build in primer, filler coat and skimming compound – all-in-one. Roll-on Skim can be used on raw and previously painted surfaces and ideal to fix poor plaster or unsightly paint finishes. For interior and exterior use.

Video : O'Grady Enviro Waterbased Enamel

Interior & Exterior Water-based enamel suitable for doors, trims, skirting boards, windows, bathrooms, and kitchens, cupboards and furniture. Enviro Water-based enamel can be tinted and is fast drying, low odour and environmentally friendly. U.V Stable

Video : O'Grady All In One

It's a 4-in-One - primer, sealer, undercoat and top coat. A hybrid pure acrylic paint with a matt finish designed to replace conventional primers, sealers and undercoats by combining these products with the finishing coats. Can be used on enamel.

Painting Techniques

Keep a wet edge, and always paint from dry to wet. This will minimise brush strokes and roller marks. Don’t stretch your paint. You don’t want to glop the paint on, but scrimping will leave you with a patchy, blotchy paint job.

Painting Tools

You will need the following tools to prep for a typical room: Spackle, putty knife, fine grit sandpaper, and a damp lint-free rag. You may also need paintable caulk and wood putty if you’re working on the trim.

Prep work for Painting

Fill any holes or imperfections with spackle, wait for it to dry, and then lightly sand the patches. If you have a crack, you must first widen it slightly before spackling or the spackle will just sit on top.